Seven (EP)

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 'Seven (VII)' is Zuby's seventh independent release. A milestone EP marking the 10 year anniversary of his artistic journey so far.

Zuby has come a long way from recording raps in his dorm room at Oxford University, to becoming one of the UK's most forward-thinking and accomplished independent rappers; selling tens of thousands of albums and winning fans from all over the world in the process.

On 'VII', Zuby's inspirational song-writing and impressive lyricism are on full display. From the dizzying verbal acrobatics of 'Glory', to the witty punchlines of 'On Site', to the sombre storytelling of 'The World Vs Me' - it's clear he's a man with some stuff on his mind.

With production duty fully helmed by frequent collaborator Anno Domini Beats ('Comin At Ya', 'iLL', 'Mad World'), 'VII' presents Zuby in the best form you've heard him thus far.

1. Glory
2. Moving Weight
3. This Is My Life
4. On Site
5. Paint a Perfect Picture
6. The World Vs Me
7. S.O.C.

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