About TeamZuby.com

TeamZuby.com is the official online store for all Zuby music and Team Zuby Merchandise.

I'm a completely independent hip-hop artist, with no record deal or manager.

So far (thanks to my incredible fans and supporters), I've sold over 20,000 CDs, hundreds of T-shirts, hats and hoodies and over 1,000 wristbands!

I want you to be inspired when you listen to my music and I want you to feel the same way when you wear my merchandise. To be motivated to work hard and turn your dreams into reality.

By buying from this site, you're directly helping me to continue making awesome music for you and everybody else who appreciates it. Thank you for your support. #TeamZuby all day long.


'Are You Down With Zuby?'

Artist & Owner, TeamZuby.com

Zuby head shot

Visit www.ZubyMusic.com to find out more

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