The Year Of Zuby (LP)

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'The Year Of Zuby' is Zuby's fourth full-length album. It was written and recorded over a two year period and conceptually represents different sides of Zuby’s personality, as the seasons reflect different aspects of nature.

- Special vinyl style CD available in jewel case with 4 page booklet
- Features 2 exclusive tracks not available on iTunes

1. Intro
2. Now Or Never
3. Open Up The Sky
4. The Power (Ft. Laughta)
5. Goonie Flow
6. How To Kill A Man (Ft. ShaoDow)
7. Zuby's Got An Attitude
8. Losing My Mind
9. Villain (Ft. October)
10. iLL
11. Facts & Figures
12. Mad World (Ft. Terra Slim & Genesis Elijah)
13. Unstoppable
14. How I Feel
15. Rock Star
16. Biggest Threat (ShaoDow Ft. Zuby)
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