USB Music Wristband (4GB)


No CD player? No problem!

The Team Zuby USB Wristband is the perfect solution for music lovers who don't own a CD player. This 2-in-1 bracelet doesn't just look cool on your wrist, it's a fully functioning USB flash drive! Carry your music with you and easily listen in your car stereo or at home.

Comes pre-loaded with your choice of Zuby's music in high quality mp3 format (320kbps).

Pre-loaded music options:

Blank [no music] - just the USB wristband, no music

Latest Bundle [1 album + 1 EP] - includes The Year of Zuby and Seven

Super Bundle [2 album + 2 EPs] - includes The Year of Zuby, Seven, Commercial Underground 2 and Zubstep

Ultimate Bundle [4 albums + 3 EPs] - includes The Year of Zuby, Seven, Commercial Underground 2, Zubstep, The Unknown Celebrity, How I Feel and Commercial Underground

- 4GB memory - store and carry your own music, photos and documents 

- Fits wrists up to 8.1 inches (205 mm)

- Black flexible silicone wristband with white screen print

Product dimensions & weight:
Length: 208mm (8.19 inches) 
Width: 17mm (0.67 inches)
Height: 2.8mm (0.11 inches)
Weight: 17.17 grams

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