The Year Of Zuby is Zuby's fourth full-length album. It was written and recorded over a two year period and conceptually represents different sides of Zuby’s personality, as the seasons reflect different aspects of nature.

Features the singles 'Goonie Flow', 'Now or Never', 'Open Up The Sky' and 'Mad World'.

- Special Edition vinyl style CD includes 2 exclusive tracks not available on other platforms

All mp3 files are high quality 320kbps format


  1. Intro
  2. Now Or Never
  3. Open Up The Sky
  4. The Power (Ft. Laughta)
  5. Goonie Flow
  6. How To Kill A Man (Ft. ShaoDow)
  7. Zuby's Got An Attitude
  8. Losing My Mind
  9. Villain (Ft. October)
  10. iLL
  11. Facts & Figures
  12. Mad World (Ft. Terra Slim & Genesis Elijah)
  13. Unstoppable
  14. How I Feel
  15. Rock Star
  16. Biggest Threat (ShaoDow Ft. Zuby)

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