Zuby’s Got An Attitude (Lyrics)


Bad Man, Bad Man. They said that Zuby’s got an attitude
Ha ha ha ha, so I guess I got an attitude (chyeeea)
I got ’em, yo!


I think more than I rap, therefore I’m closer to a visionary
Only purpose on this earth is die after you’re legendary
Bodying the game, pin that body to the frame
Now I’m doggying the fame, I switch it up can’t stick to missionary
Innuendo pardon me but please respect this honesty
Flowed through university some said this verse was not for me
Hypocrisy, it’s prophecy Team Zuby’s a democracy
And I’m a great orator but would suck as a dictator
The bar’s a matchstick the beat the coal for flame
Scored three girls like hat tricks a couple goals to their game
Ladies tell me that they love me cuz they think I’m rich and famous
Made a couple walks of shame but that was on the path to greatness
Hustle with your mind right with justice you will make it
Now I’ve finally got the grind right for seven years been patient
Thank fans my record charted I’m reflecting the success
Still my name is ‘God’s Decision’ there’s no question if I’m been blessed, yes!


I heard he’s fricking cool
I heard he’s paying dues
I heard he’s pretty rude (Zuby’s got an attitude!)
I heard he’s making money
I heard he’s got some honeys
Why’s he always talking funny? (Zuby’s got an attitude!)
I heard he’s dropping jewels
I heard he’s making moves
I heard he’s breaking rules (Zuby’s got an attitude!)
I heard he’s sort of famous
Man, I think he’s sort of heinous
Man, I guess I’ve got some haters (Zuby’s got an attitude!)


So many arrogantly ignorant with freedom to preach
They need to start exempting idiots from freedom of speech
I’m flexing knowledge with the wisdom and a reason to teach
It’s six o’clock on Friday evening homie, end of the weak (week)
Haters are down on life’s luck, like a bum on the street
If I was down to last buck I’d find a way to get three
And don’t give cheddar to no rats fam they’ll try to hold you back
In this maze of moral poverty they’re ghosts and I’m the Pac-Man
Ignorance is wack man, more to life than racks, damn
Keep it moving forward I’m the taxi you’re the black man
Smart and people jealous and it’s only getting worse
Like I ate a power pellet so the roles have just reversed
Now I’m chasing after Inky, Pinky, Binky and Clyde
I’m talking 100s, 20s, 10s, a couple 50s and 5s
Now I call my haters Felix they’re some comical cats
Cuz I’ve been awesome since a fetus with phenomenal raps, yes!



This beat’s emotional, sometimes I overflow
Lyrics are my scriptures cuz my penmanship devotional
God will never fail me I believe although it’s notional
You suckers can’t derail me when my train in locomotion-al
Fans are like “damn Zuby why are you not signed?!”
I tell them it’s a dirty game it’s not about the rhymes
Still I’m winning over people, still I’m epic with the grind
Still I’m grinning every inning, I’ma kill it when it’s time
And peace to my supporters, respect for every order
I’ve got dons in every city, I’ve got honeys over borders
I work for every penny and I hustle every quarter
Every time I sell a record that’s new supporter
Your girl is so fanatic don’t be mad cuz she’s reciting me
Only right to mack it if she’s constantly inviting me
Just be diplomatic, can’t solve all your problems violently
I’ll knock you out on purpose just for accidentally fighting me. Yes!



They told me Zuby’s got an attitude, ha ha, so I guess I’ve got an attitude
Uh, ha ha ha ha, Bad Man, Bad Man. Are you down with Zuby? I’m gone.


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