Unbelievable (Lyrics)


Bad Man, Bad Man. Ha ha ha. ‘Not Decided’ on the beat.
Are you down with Zuby? Let’s go get ’em again.


Bad Man, nobody ever fazed me
Get it how you live but you cats are just lazy
Uh huh, nobody else made me
DIY till I die or they pay me
And they say my bars crazy
Numbers on the rise like mixed race babies
You can’t say they don’t rate me
South to the North see the fans that I’m making?
Strange accent, American or is he?
Didn’t grow up London so don’t sound like Dizzee
Name another cat who spits loud this pretty
Put up pounds like Fiddy and move round like Diddy
Yeah and they say the boy’s witty
Very well spoken but I flow gritty
Don’t be acting stupid if you see me in your city
Just show a little love we can chill, dig me?


Chyea, chyea, chyea, chyea
It’s unbelievable (chyea)
It’s unbelievable (chyea)
It’s unbelievable (chyeeea!)
It’s unbelievable (chyea)
It’s unbelievable (chyea)
It’s unbelievable (chyeeea!)


Verse two, pay it with the debit
Line sounds crisp and you know I gotta get it
Huh? but you’ve got no bars
Minimal reception, very little credit homes
Look, so please just dead it
Came to make music, bickering forget it
Should be on a track trying to verse it up and edit
But you all up in my face like you want a paramedic
Look at you, you can’t see me
And I’m not you, you can’t be me
Make one sale, I see 3
Smart black male, IC3
Tight ass flow, ICV
One six pack, no CV
Run that back, what you’ll see
Is a genius at work, real MC.



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