Too Many (Lyrics)


Bad Man (Bad Man), Bad Man (Bad Man), Bad Man (Bad Man)
Bad Man (Bad Man), Bad Man (Bad Man), Bad Man (Bad Man)
Chyea! Chyeeea!


Too many highs and too many lows
Too many lies and too many woes
Too many rhymes and too many flows
Too many lines and too many shows
Too many guys and too many hoes
Too many rise and too many rose
Too many bends and too many roads
Too many friends and too many foes


It’s your boy Zuby and you know I stay moving
Lyrics stay cruising, verbal abusing
Vocal illusions, Copperfield tricks
Leave focal contusions, proper real hits
You know I’m not losing, know I’m improving
Gotta stay up so you know I’m not snoozing
Mind made up so you know I’m not choosing
Grind game up so the units keep moving
Brain in the game, just like Sudoku
Running through lames like the tape that I go through
Came in the game with an aim for the fame
And my name never changed I’ma rain on the game
Leave a stain on the frame, same with the name
Hot lines, got mines, staying in the lane
Changing the game like I change in the lanes
No Range, no ‘caine, no chain, no fame no
You cats ain’t got no game no, my raps ain’t got no feign
Heavy vibe, clever jibe, honestly I never lie
Don’t need no consolation, got so much innovation
So while you contemplating Zuby built a strong a strong foundation (chyeeea!)
I came to shock the nation (chyeeea!)
I came to rock your station (chyeeea!)
I came to drop quotations brighter than the constellations
Zuby’s got the sickest flow
Zuby’s got the sickest shows
Y’all people better fricking know
That Zuby’s gonna fricking blow.



Now the truth I’m ‘bout to leak it, Zuby’s seeping through your speakers
They speaking I’m the deepest, tell your people they can peep it
Got problems they can keep it, I can’t solve it I don’t need it
But you haters best believe it when I’m speaking words are heeded
Like fresh air in the game, yes that breath is often needed
Get some press and often greeted
Never stressed and less than heated
Some say I’m underrated, know the glow is most incredible
So yo it’s never faded yo the flow is most indelible (chyeeea!)
And I’m back in the race and I’m back in the place
With a track you relate to a plaque in the case
Like a rat in the race with a bat to your face
I’ll be back to replace filling cracks in the space
Raps with the pace with the tact and the grace
And the tracks that I lace put the facts in your face
Stacks that I make put it back in the safe
And the wax that I break bring it back with the bass
Say you got guns, what do you believe in?
Say you got funds, what are you achieving?
Say you straight stunt, do you front for a reason?
Image is clear we don’t see it for a reason
I got bars that people feel
Zuby’s sick when holding steel
Lyrical with mass appeal
And Zuby’s gonna keep it real. (chyeeea!)



Chyeeea! The Unknown Celebrity. Are you down with Zuby?
I’m done man, I’m out.

Zuby Udezue

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