The Year 2014 – A Personal Reflection by Zuby

So now that 2014 is coming to an end, let’s take a look at what was accomplished; because many things were. I hope that by sharing these small successes (they all add up!) I can inspire both myself and others as we enter into a brand new year.

Zuby’s Achievements in 2014

+ Recorded and released my fourth and best album to date ‘The Year Of Zuby’.

+ Raised £9000 via crowd-funding to fund 12 music videos for the new album – 2015 will be visual!

+ Opened successful pop-up shops in Southampton (x4) and London. Sold a lot of merchandise

+ Learned French to a conversational level through self-study and practice.

+ Learned basic Spanish too! (I’ll build on it next year)

+ Got into the best physical shape of my life; the culmination of 12 years of lifting weights.

+ Visited 4 countries: Hungary, Czech Republic x 2, Slovakia and Serbia.


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