The Blue and Purple Store at The Oracle, Reading (Photos)

Another city, another pop-up shop, another great experience on the pathway to success…

The Blue and Purple Store (a pop-up shop founded and run by myself and ShaoDow) made its first full-scale appearance in Reading at The Oracle shopping centre between Feb 26th – March 6th 2016. It was a busy ten days for us, but definitely worthwhile. We met a lot of cool people and I like meeting cool people. #TeamZuby is like a family.

I’m proud to say that I gained a lot of new fans and I’m feeling re-inspired and rejuvenated, in both my music career and general life.

Keep in mind that two weeks before opening the store I underwent laser eye surgery, which was accompanied by a fairly painful and very isolating recovery process, where I couldn’t do any activity that involved my eyes. Think about that for a minute… thank you audiobooks!

But the pain was worth it because I am currently typing this without glasses nor contact lenses. Hurrah! My eyesight is on the road to perfection for the first time in my life and once again I’m a fully-functioning member of society. Well, I think so anyway.

Thanks to all of the awesome people who supported the shop in Reading. I appreciate all of your words of encouragement and purchases of my music and merchandise. I didn’t manage to take pictures with everyone who bought something but I definitely managed a few. Check out the gallery below!



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