Stay In My Lane Ft. Marka (Lyrics)

CHORUS [Marka]

They won’t forget about me (me)
Cuz I’ma keep fighting, pushing the toughest
I won’t believe I’m out here just for nothing
And if it is then I’ll be (be)
I’ma be doing just what I does
These haters hate and I let em j-just because
So I’ma stay in my lane and keep on playing my game
And I won’t stop until I hear that announcer
So I’ma stay in my lane and keep on playing my game
And I won’t stop until I hear that announcer
Saying my name

Verse 1

Can’t stop time go getters we grind
Got to get mine do better than try
Aim so high jet-setter we fly
Flow fine wine gets better with time
High in sky like the birds I defy
Got my feet on the ground and my head to the sky
And I speak never shy, all the creeps want to vie
You don’t get no reply if you speak about I cuz
I’m all about the timing, Nina I’m feeling good
Singing like Jesse Johnson, I’m so misunderstood
They said I shouldn’t rap (why not?), they said I wasn’t hood (ok)
They said I’m too well spoken (word?), they said that wasn’t good
You know my flow though baby, I’m bout to freak it now
No taking photos baby, don’t turn those speakers down
Cuz Zuby’s on a mission, how I worked no recognition
For so many years and still they try to desecrate my vision
They try to break me down, they want to hate me now
You wished me all the worst so don’t congratulate me now
I came from underground so if I make it to the surface
Can’t say I don’t deserve it.


Verse 2

Growing up fast but I ain’t gon’ change
Trying to get past but I won’t switch lanes
Came in the game with an aim for the fame
And my name never changed still rain on the game
I told you cats already that I’m trying to make this paper work
Had to sign myself cuz y’all took too long with the paperwork
I don’t know why labels try to play me like Nintendo g
When they know my game is famous sort of like Nintendo be
And I’m like Nintendo Wii, ladies like to play with me
They sit me in their room and don’t delete me from their memory
You know my aim though baby, I’m trying to take it now
This game is oh so crazy, I’m trying to make it now
It’s proper flow precision till I reach that pole position
Where the people see me and they know that I’m a dope musician
I paint a perfect picture, I’m emulating scenes
I never sleep I’m up all night to recreate my dreams
Know God is with me and he’s watching when I’m feeling nervous
That means I’ve got a purpose.


Zuby Udezue

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