Our Pop Up Shop In WestQuay Was A Success

I’ve just come to the end of a very long, very tough, but very successful week.

I’ve been running my pop up shop ‘The Blue & Purple Store’ in Southampton’s WestQuay shopping centre, alongside my good friend and fellow DIY artist ShaoDow. We spent the whole week promoting and selling our music, merchandise and wireless headphones range.

I’ll be honest with you, standing up and interacting with hundreds of people non-stop for 12 hours a day, 7 days straight is gruelling to say the least. But we met so many awesome, supportive fans that it made it all worthwhile!

I just want to say thank you once again to everyone who came through and supported our independent venture. (Thanks to you, I need to restock some of my merchandise again!) I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful fans who appreciate my music and message. People of all ages and from all walks of life. #TeamZuby is truly diverse these days!

I’m pretty shattered as you can imagine, so I don’t want to write an essay here. I just want to say thank you for the love. I’m glad that I can inspire you as much as you inspire and motivate me!

I’ll leave you with some photos from the week. Scream if you see yourself.



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