Open Up The Sky (Lyrics)


Are you down with Zuby?


Yo I started as an underdog, still the fricking underdog
Force my hand to draw, I’ll split the deck just right from under y’all
Smells like teen spirit when we hit the stage to rumble y’all
So don’t look back in anger never hide behind the wonder wall
Ecstasy to rages but this music is my life
I’ve been courting her for ages time to make this thing my wife
Matrimony is the system, people hear but never listen
Many look me in my eyes, but few can see my vision
Let’s be honest, I’ve never been the radio’s sweetheart
But gained a bigger following than half of them, real talk
Begging for a deal while I’ve been treading for a meal
Now I’m eating off my music till I’m hungry for a mil
I spoke to God this morning, He said that there’s a spot for me
Between this earth and heaven, where I’m at is not the top for me
This talent is a gift and the present means a lot to me
Nothing good comes easy, I believe in this philosophy.


One for the hustle, two for the time
Three for the struggle, four for the grind
Five for the past and the present where we strive
And six for the future we gon’ make it out alive now
Reach up and keep ‘em high, let’s open up the sky
(Hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up and…)
Reach up and keep ‘em high, let’s open up the sky
(Hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up and…)
Reach up and keep ‘em high, let’s open up the sky
(Hands up, hands up, hands up, hands up and…)
Reach up and keep ‘em high, let’s open up the sky


With zero ambition how you know when you’re achieving?
Say you’ve got no religion, homie what do you believe in?
It’s hard to count your blessings when you’re constantly receiving
Nonetheless I’m never satisfied I guess it’s self-deceiving
Cuz comparatively speaking, I’m lucky that I’m eating
And lucky that I’m breathing, all the health that I’m perceiving
Struggling internally like “Zuby what’s the reason?
You’ve got enough to live and there’s so many who are needing”
I guess it’s human nature, don’t know if that makes it better
We live in a society where most of us are debtors
Trying to turn to creditors, prey (pray) we turn to predators
Said if I was rich then I would give a little cheddar
But who am I to judge? In my armour there’s some chinks
My perspective has some blinks and I’m just painting what I think
Don’t appreciate my art? You’re probably missing the subliminal
Surrealist with a syllable like Dali but I’m lyrical.



Look I’m more than just an rapper, I’m a flipping phenomenon
My bars hit with the hardest with the wisdom of Solomon
Flow for thirty days with no food like Ramadan
Whilst I out style your swag with no shoes and pyjamas on
Foolish people say “all rap is bitches and hoes”
I’m about to kill them in two bars cuz they’ve been missing my flows
Don’t assume cuz I’m a rapper you can label me as anything
Proves you’re narrow minded and you’re ignorant ‘bout everything
Yes I’m known as many things but none of them is a gangster
So how am I not real because I’m me and not a wankster?
I don’t write for sucker nerds, I’d rather give them quotables
You’ve got more ‘likes’ than Zuckerberg but message isn’t notable
Like… hold up, that was a metaphor, silly me
Hate me cuz I’m beautiful or like me like a simile
Serve it hot like Dominoes it’s all in the delivery
Cuz when it comes to hip-hop you just witnessed the epitome.



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