Mad World Ft. Terra Slim & Genesis Elijah (Lyrics)

INTRO [Zuby]:

Yo, do you ever get that feeling where you just…
Look at the world and you’re just like, “what the heck is wrong with this place man?
Why do I live here? Who put me here?”
It’s a mad world. But we’ve all got to live in it
Bad Man, G.E., Terra Slim.

VERSE 1 [Terra Slim]:

Many enter the poison dispenser
Slags flood town centres
Alcohol-fuelled misadventures, I tried to get hench, but
Mashed up my back trying to bench (press)
Pro fitness, reversed years of excess
Restless living through a testament of death threats
Ignorance programmed in my DNA configurement
They’ll never tolerate my entrance
Abomination but I’m just an act of nature
Like pollination, you can’t block my repentance
The well runs dry till the water’s replenished
Walk in the court for a sentence
They’ll honey-glaze your corpse to take away the bitter edge
When I was one I tried to dash myself off the window ledge
Divine plan means lifespan extents
It’s progress or death, my whole life a protest.


It’s a mad world, nobody makes it out alive
And no one truly knows what’s gonna happen when you die
It’s a mad world, so keep the happiness alive
But you know the same things can make you happy make you cry
It’s a mad world, I’m only in it for a visit
So while I’m sitting here I’m gonna push it to the limit
It’s a mad world, we’re only living cuz we’re in it
It’s a mad world, just a mad world.

VERSE 2 [Genesis Elijah]:

Be in this world but not of it
Once your truth’s rock solid you can’t be knocked off it
What’s the difference between a heretic and god’s prophet?
They say “talk is cheap” yeah but faith costs nothing
What’s your life worth? Are you making the very best of stuff?
Next question, what’s your life worth to the rest of us?
If we were in a burning building and I saw your legs were crushed
Should I risk mine and carry you out to the exit bruv?
In the UK most of us get enough
Even those below the poverty line are better off
In Egypt, Syria, Ukraine – it’s kicking off
Seeing your kids die, that will really find your sense of loss
If God made man, why did man make weapons?
And why did I see my first one at age eleven?
Sometimes it seems some of us would rather have someone share our hell
Than show us the way to heaven, it’s a mad world.


VERSE 3 [Zuby]:

I’m an average individual, some people call me spiritual
See it in my retina and spill it in my lyrical
My memories are visual kaleidoscopes
Can’t scrutinise a miracle through microscopes
Remember as a little kid screaming “life’s not fair!”
Got older and I realised, life’s not fair
Cuz if you’re feeling pleasure, there’s another feeling pain
And every single loss is for another person’s gain
Though we come in different colours we’re essentially the same
From the darkest hued brother to the fairest little dame
Critique when people speak of a superior race
How can you reach when all you preach is from inferior place?
To a baby every race is the reflection of the Son (Sun)
So call it what you want, there’s no race except the one
And respect every human, try not to kill each other
Cuz that could be your friend, sister, brother.



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