Losing My Mind (Lyrics)


I’m gon’ get by and I’m gon’ stay fly
And I don’t get high but I’m losing my mind
And I don’t know why, I don’t know why
I don’t know why, I don’t know why
So I cruise in recline and I move in my ride
And I feel so alive but I’m losing my mind
And I don’t know why, I don’t know why
I don’t know why, no I don’t know why


I’ma start this in third person cuz the concept’s unappealing (chyea)
Zuby is a product that is capable of healing (chyea)
But Zuby is a product that is capable of feeling
So before you try to judge him understand what he’s concealing
(And then I don’t know why) You’re talking down as if you know me
When every fan is cognizant that Zuby’s not a phony
And plus I’m very confident that no one is below me
Cuz regardless of accomplishments I treat them all like homies
I sympathise with millionaires who vie to reach a billion
Cuz I’m just another thousand-aire who’s trying to reach a million (chyea)
Rapping for the money, yo for real? homie stop it
Cuz I could have been a banker if this was about the profit
A lawyer or accountant I would have a bigger wallet
Don’t think all these epic lines simply designed for deeper pockets
I want these lines to resonate and rip through your surroundings
Maybe flip it when you’re frowning, even lift you when you’re drowning.



White horse, pestilence
Red; war, recklessness
Black; starve, negligence
Pale horse; helplessness
Nightmares, restlessness
Heads turn, exorcist
Cold sweats, calm down Zuby bring it back to excellence

I’ve always been an optimist not never not a pessimist
‘Not never’ meaning ‘ever’ comprehend the triple negative
Cancerous society so guess it’s kind of relevant
But ignorance is bliss and so my happiness is relative
Learning that the positive can draw the negativity
But always know I’m winning when they’re gunning with hostility
(And then I don’t know why) You think it’s vulnerability?
Don’t misconstrue aversion to the fight as inability
I stare at my reflection like “if he tries, he flies”
If I’m killed by this obsession then “if he dies, he dies”
I’m talking Rocky business that intimidates like Drago
Still I’m bobbing and I’m hooking and I’m weaving like Apollo.



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