It’s a New Year – The Next Phase Begins

How’s your 2016 going?

Hopefully you’re in a positive state of mind and are making progress with those all-important resolutions.

It can be difficult to maintain focus and motivation for 365 days per year (or 366 in this case), but a little progress daily goes a long way.

Reflecting on the last few months and on 2015 in general, I’m grateful for my friends, family, fans and supporters; who all helped to make the year a success. I released 5 music videos, spent time in 5 different countries and ran 6 pop-up shops. I also met thousands of new people, started learning a 3rd foreign language (German!) and generally had a very positive year.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of that.

Zuby and fans with tie dye t-shirt

The Blue & Purple Store pop-up shop was a wonderful opportunity to connect with fans and make new ones!

Zuby, fan and ShaoDow

We hustled at the store for 5 weeks straight but all the amazing fans and supporters made it worthwhile!

Zuby and fan with IDWZ hoodie

Cody was one of hundreds of people who supported The Blue & Purple Store in Southampton

Zuby, DJ Cruso and ShaoDow live at The Joiners

My last gig of 2015. Incredible crowd at The Joiners, Southampton


2016 is going to be the year of new music! Last year was all about pushing my existing music and getting back into writing, so this year it’s time to release new projects and create even more.

I’m currently writing the final song of my seventh release; a brand new EP entirely produced by Anno Domini Nation. They’ve produced some of my best loved songs including Comin at Ya, Open Up The Sky, iLL and Villain.

So expect some very powerful music. I have a lot to say.

I’ll be in the studio from 18-22 January cooking that up. So get your plates ready.

I also have a remix EP planned which is progressing well. I’m telling you, this year I am going IN with the music! No half-steppin’ homies.

So what do you have planned for the year? Any ground-breaking resolutions? If you want to share them then leave a comment. All the best for 2016.



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