Introspection (Lyrics)


I’m worried that my life is based on wealth accumulation
I want money, I want power, I want love and admiration
Yet I’m living with a purpose I can’t reach with usurpation
What I’m doing on the surface could affect adjudication
Pearly gates are waiting greeting me with jubilation
Only if I get it straight and all my good is compensation (for what?)
The sinning I’m committing every day with no cessation
I hope Jesus is forgiving cuz I’m needing some salvation
The world is full of hatred and demonic innovations
It’s hard to be a saint when all around you is temptation
I’d like to think I’m righteous but with great consideration
That’s a biased valuation, half my thoughts are depredation
See cash and think vacation not of charity donation
See girls and think of sex and how to get it no relation
I’m only being honest with these trials and tribulations
Got to face them to erase them there’s no space for fabrication
Now what I’m ‘bout to say could be construed as illustration
But I mean it from the place that’s known for love and circulation
I’d rather take a risk and live a life of fluctuation
Than die before lived cause I believed in hesitation
I’d rather walk alone and live my life in segregation
Than to walk amongst a crowd controlled by strict subordination
I’d rather have a little bit of total adoration
And be hated by rest than purely witness moderation
To pave an occupation’s an abrasive operation
But to live in corporation’s like creative constipation
Philosophy is basic, it’s not a complication
Make your dream begin today and make the ‘maybes’ obligation
Success is what your chasing, don’t fear acceleration
You can run before you walk you only fall from hesitation
So I’ve never made mistakes, I’ve made slight miscalculations
And I never lost my way I just switched up my destination
To exist and never live is like platonic procreation
You’re missing all the fun that’s a moronic inclination
I’m glowing in the blackout with a chronic dedication
And I’m coming to clean the crap out like colonic irrigation
They say the kid is tight, wanna know the explanation?
Cuz he bottles things inside and has a sick imagination
To stop me in my tracks once there’s a burst of inspiration
Is like trying to run so fast you counteract the earth’s rotation
And that’ll never happen, in life or simulation
It’s an awkward thing to do like putting off procrastination
You think that I’m impressive cuz I’m packed with motivation
But you’re calling me obsessive cuz you lack the dedication
A third of what I say is borne of mental stimulation
A third is exploration, all the rest is contemplation
And every day I’m breathing I believe in this vocation
Ao the less you think of me, the more I’ll beat the expectation
It’s time for celebration, no more mental reservation
It’s my interpretation of my own rejuvenation
I’m though with preparation. I’m sick of being patient
Are you down with Zuby? Don’t think you got my statement
Said it’s time for celebration, no mental reservation
This is my interpretation of my own rejuvenation
I’m better than I’ve ever been I’m sick of being patient
Are you down with Zuby? Enjoy the presentation.


Chyeeea! Commercial Underground…2.

Zuby Udezue

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