I’ve Finished Recording My Next Release – It’s Called ‘Seven’

I came into the new year with a stack of ideas, a stack of big scary goals and a stack of brand new songs written.

2015 was a great year for my career, but I haven’t really released any new music since ‘The Year of Zuby’.

That’s all going to change this year.

I spent four days in the studio last month working on an all new EP that will be released later on this year. It’s called…


Why ‘Seven’? Because it’s my seventh release, it has seven songs on it and seven is my favourite number. Nothing too cryptic but you can read into it what you will.

Zuby and Leen in studio

With my engineer Leen at NLT Studios

I managed to record all of the songs in just two days (I always record quickly, but that’s legendary speed even by my own standards). Leen is going to be working on the mixing process over the next few weeks. Once that’s done and the songs have been mastered, the music will be ready to go!

I still need to design the artwork and think of some cool promo ideas though.

The entire EP is produced by Anno Domini Nation – who have been responsible for the beats of some of my best and most popular tracks to date, including Comin’ At Ya, Mad World and Open Up The Sky. So believe it when I say that you’re in for a musical treat.

I’ve never been a slacker lyrically, but I feel like I’m reaching ‘artistic maturity’ and so my thoughts and ability to express them are now on another echelon. You’ll see what I mean once you press play, but you still have a few months to wait.

Zuby with ice cream

Ich habe Eis! Alles ist gut!

2016 is going to be a beautiful year for all #TeamZuby fans.



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