Gettemmm! (Lyrics)


[Tech N9ne]
Yo this be the one them called Tech N9ne and when I want to kick it, I listen to ‘Zubstep’ baby
All day all night. Tech N9ne!

(Bad Man) Chyea. Welcome to ‘Zubstep’ ladies and gentlemen
Are you down with Zuby? Chyeeea!


I’m too focused, I’m explosive
Dead a buzz now spray rhymes like roaches
Stand above crowds, part waves like Moses
Don’t like me? Suck it up, osmosis (chyeeea!)
It’s that new school ripper, 10K flipper, no booze sipper
See me on the street then I’m coming with a beat
See me on a beat then I’m gunning with the heat
I’m about to drill em with a lyrical incision
Batter killing up a rhythm better let a riddim hit em
Critical with syllables, flaws are at a minimal
Claiming you a killer? Well your skill is pretty criminal
(Slow down Zub, you’re killing ’em!)/Grr, don’t make me do it
Cuz this music is my passion I can’t stop I get into it
Rap so realer, show so thriller
Hip-hop, dubstep, flow gorilla
Quote so iller, dope distiller
Mic check one-two soundcheck filler
Throw you off stage like ‘gimme that mic’
Crowd goes wild yeah gimme that night
Stage is burning not concerning no Sean Paul but gimme that light
Facebook hitter, YouTube winner
Hashtag, retweet, Bad Man Twitter
Real talk spitter, deadlift killer
South Coast’s finest truth transmitter
My people down with me uh, Team Zuby’s all surrounding
So turn me up let’s turn this five into a couple thousand.


Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm (I got ‘em) Gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm, gettemmm, gettemmm (I got ‘em)
Gettemmm (Chyea, I got ‘em) Gettemmm (I got ‘em)


(Chyea! I’m ready, let me at ’em)
Big boy flows, I got a lot of those
Fan base loud cuz I’ve done a lot of shows
Fam stay proud cuz I won a lot of goals
Now I’m north, south, east, west, always on the road
Fans talk up, wannabes talk down
Kids look up, industry looks down
F’ your sloppy poppy playlist, Zuby’s Rocky to your A-list
Meaning I’m the underdog, soon to be the champion
Grind to bring the people out so I can bring the ransom in
You got dreams? Then I feel your pain
Homie drill your lane till they grill your name
On the headline bill cuz you overcame
Recognise your skill and they see your fame! (chyeeea!)
Don’t be bitter, real go getters
All in my circle, don’t like quitters
Don’t like flitters, move like skitters
Hype out right now, pipe down titters
Penning enhanced I’m gripping that tight
Missed a last dance but I’ll catch a first flight
Through the pain and pure frustration Zuby rose like aviation
Said I was delusional, treated like a loser bro
Now your girls are lining up for tickets to the Zuby show (chyeeea!)
Uh, uh, Team Zuby’s in the building
So turn me up let’s turn this thousand to a hundred million.



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