Facts & Figures (Lyrics)


Are you down with Zuby?
Make money, make money
Take money.

CHORUS (sampled)


Yo, I’m a young man with a billion aims
Trying to light land like a zillion flames
Got a thick skin, crocodilian veins
And my heart pump blood like vermilion rain
Living in the West where the millions reign
And we don’t care less about a billions’ pain
So we work and ‘1-UP’ till the millions rain
On our first last life, no video game, uh!
And that’s just facts and figures, a simple demonstration
Won’t hear this on your station, there’s too much innovation
My words a deviation, they like their rappers basic
I’m giving sight like Lasik. I went to Oxford, face it
Stuck in a world where people lie over paper,
Fricking cry over paper, Even die over paper
Full of never splitting fraction grippers, ever missing passion rippers
Stiffer lipped than action figures, grinding for the facts and figures.



Uh, about a hundred thousand know it’s he but billions never noticed me
9 times out of 10, I’d say I kill at will deservedly
And never pull a trigger but I’ll spit a lyric vicious
The stop and searching figures tell me Black is still suspicious
I mean 30 times the rate, that means 30 times the jakes
Gonna think I’ve got a weapon or a drug cuz of my melanin?
Say it’s just routine or something happened at the scene
Why don’t you really keep it G? you pulled me over for the hell of it
21 religions and there’s 7 billion faces
8.7 million species, one divides by races
And one never slipping action spitter, fairer sex attraction getter
Rhyme to make transactions bigger grinding for the…



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