Chilll! (Lyrics)


Chyea. Bad Man! I stay ill, I maintain, I stay real.
Bad Man, I’m about to get ill yo (chilll!)

Verse 1

(Yo, yo!)
Zuby’s smooth, Zuby’s cool, Zuby’s fricking back at it
Zuby’s proved Zuby rules, Zuby’s so charismatic
I’m sick, I never lie I’m sort of like a rap addict
I make moves and multiply, I’m sort of like a jackrabbit
So if you think I’m wack it’s evident that you don’t know jack
Even deaf cats are saying Zuby’s got dope tracks
And coasting is a no no, heat will keep them bumping me
Rolling on the solo so I stay in decent company
And people keep on pumping me, equally it’s fun to me
Pushing for a cuddle but the beat is making love to me
Cruising on the double keep it moving like a shuttle
You can run your little bars, you can’t see me with the Hubble
I’m daily trying to dominate like ‘Pinky and the Brain’
But the ignorant predominate the thinking in this game
Think I’m in a different genus check the sections of my brain
One of them will prove a genius but the other is insane.


You know I got game and you know I stay ill (ill)
You know I maintain and you know I stay real (real)
You’re mad cuz you’re lame and you know I got skills
So chilll! (just chilll!)
Cuz I wanna see sights and I wanna see bills (bills)
I wanna be right when I say I’ll see mils (mils)
Don’t wanna see spite I just wanna see deals
So chilll! (just chilll!)

Verse 2

They call me Bad Man I bust flows and dust all suckers
I don’t cuss no, but you can sick my duck fothermucker
cuz you people want to talk, like you know about the ‘Z’
About the ‘U’ about the ‘B’ what you know about me?
You can sit there on the internet and tap away all day
Behind a screen name but give me dap in the hallway
Mean it from the heart? You can say it to my face
You’ve got a head start, I’m ‘bout to beat you in the human race
Lead converts to bars I’m getting better every hit
A to Z of future stars catch me at letter twenty-six (that’s me!)
I only know the present but I feel a premonition
Succeeding in this mission with my verbal composition
No time for superstition; catch me running under ladders
Spilling salt and breaking glasses while I’m making a toast
Cuz nothing shatters visions so it doesn’t really matter
If I break a couple mirrors while I’m making this boast.


Verse 3

(Yo I’m just trying to be a millionaire man. Ha ha, check it)
I tried to ask the people and then I phoned a friend
So now it’s 50/50 and I’ve got to apprehend
How can I be a millionaire without placing a bet
And giving everything I’ve got to verses racing through my head?
They come to me sporadical, my thinking semi-radical
Combine them with the music the result is semi-radical
Flow never mechanical actually I’m like an animal
Eat hip hop for breakfast, spit the wackness out like Hannibal
I’ll give my two cents, on anybody trying to rattle me
And tie up loose ends, like the rabbit-hole analogy
Don’t want to be a faker, you cats are life haters
The type that cuss your mothers out and fart in elevators
Me, I never stutter keep it simple bread and butter
Don’t compare to no other cuz I’m Zuby not another
Till I reach the heaven phase I’m going to teach like seventh grade
Zuby’s staying strong for years you cats are weak (week) like seven days.



It’s The Bad Man (chyeeea!)
It’s The Bad Man (chyeeea!)
It’s The Bad Man (chyeeea!)
It’s The Bad Man (chyeeea!)
It’s The Bad Man (chyeeea!)
It’s The Bad Man
So chillll! Ha ha ha!
Homie chilll…

Zuby Udezue

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