Can’t See Me (Lyrics)


You can talk rich but you don’t show me, you can talk ish but you don’t know me
You can run far but you can’t be free, you can look hard but you can’t see me
No setbacks stay on track with a rap never get lax, till I stack to the max I’ma spit crack
Bring it back sing it black with a big track, cuz I want that

Verse 1

Zuby’s got brains Zuby’s got power Zuby’s got game Zuby never cowers so the same thing till I’m falling like showers got to maintain till I’m pushing up flowers/ write hard spit hard sick with the imagery right bars hit hard physically lyrically/ you can hate me but you don’t know me/ try to toll me but you don’t slow me/ try to fold me but you can’t reach me/ try to scold me but you can’t teach me/ that’s bold b, you can’t hold me, you don’t flow b, you don’t own me/ why you wanna act like you so g and you hold heat and you blow g’s when we all see that you phony and you so weak and you so sweet/ come on man that’s not you cellophane images we can see through/ and remain limitless got to be you and attract the right crowd and you might break through/ why you wanna lie you ain’t built like that/ live by the gun getting killed by that/ don’t pull trigger if you to try to seem bigger cuz when it gets realer find you not a real killer/ people on the inside people on the beat/ people on the outside people on the street/ people hustle worldwide people gotta eat some people gonna play fair some are gonna cheat/ some have got worries other ones straight balling some have got money other funds are straight stalling/ know we got hoods know we got problems but killing brothers ain’t really gonna solve ‘em.


Verse 2

Zuby’s got visions Zuby’s got dreams/ globe is like a prison world is like a theme/ countries cages food is wages armed and dangerous human rages we don’t need love we don’t need peace/ we just need slugs and a lil’ chrome piece/ spill a lil blood make the people know peace and if they try to run hit em in the dome piece/ that’s not fun that’s not right they’ve got guns we’ve got knives/ armies, navies, grownups, babies, soldiers, ladies, man it’s crazy boys got tools, for no price, got no schools, that’s just trife/ they’re not fools but that’s just strife/ that’s not cool but that’s just life/ go through stages, conflicts, ages, time turns pages, some outrageous and it’s so real/ how you cats feel?/ knowing that your kids could be riddled with steel/ knowing that your son could be sent against will to a land full of enemies mission is real/ head full of memories wishing it’s drills but death is the recipe kill or be killed/ terrorism, cataclysm blowing up the television and it don’t rest/ kids are so stressed underneath the uniform kids have got techs/ ain’t really warm but kids have got vests now they’ve gotta come to term with it ain’t it so messed?/ yeah they still young but they know the unrest so I pray for the next gen and hope for the best.


Zuby Udezue

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