Billie Jean 2012 (Lyrics)

Verse 1

It was a musical affair she was standing in the crowd/ with a flower in her hair nothing grand and nothing loud/ she didn’t move, didn’t laugh, didn’t nod, didn’t dance, didn’t really smile but I could tell she was entranced/ stare was penetrating it was more than just a glance/ when they finished the ovation she was waiting in advance/ caught me as I’m leaving told me she’s my biggest fan/ asked if we could take a flick and that’s how it all began/ I could have hit surely if I tried to get right/ but I jetted off early got a show the next night/ new city bright lights and I’m feeling like a star/ to you I might be nothing but they all know who I are/ couple hundred messages flashing in my email/ half of them are relevant half of them are female/ one of them is titled ‘baby you remember me?’/ with an ‘x’ after the ‘me’ from a girl named Billie Jean.


Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah), she’s a girl who love my music like no other (uh huh)
Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah), she’s a girl who wants me in between her covers (uh huh)
Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah), she’s a girl who love my music like no other (uh huh)
Billie Jean, she’s not my lover (nah), she’s a girl who’s got obsessions with a brother

Verse 2

I opened and clicked first thing I said ‘damn!’/ long letter, two pics, girl’s bigger than a fan/ every sentence paying homage what I do and who I am/ told me all her friends and college think I’m cute and I’m the man/ thinks I’m f’ing fine and we should be together maybe if the stars aligned she would be with me forever/ cuz I’m sexy and I’m awesome and I’m handsome and I’m clever and her passion for my music wait, it can’t be measured/ wants to be my girl potentially my future wifey doesn’t mind the title but she really really likes me/ doesn’t even know me so I’m thinking it ain’t likely maybe she’s playing as a joke I’ll take it lightly/ waiting in the front row every time I visit/ calling up my phone don’t know how she got the digits/ and every text she’s sending me is getting more explicit/ now she’s telling all her friends we’re in love and she’s my missus (what?).


Verse 3

She hit me up on Facebook, hit me up on YouTube, hit me up on Twitter, hit me up on email/ calls me when I’m at work, calls me when I’m at home, calls me when I’m on road, leaving all her details/ told me that she likes me, told me that she loves me, told me that she needs me, told me I’m her hero/ Zuby on her desktop, Zuby on her iPod, Zuby on her BB, Zuby on her Tivo/ Damn, she only knows that I’m a flow-er but her mind is so vivid seeing love when I don’t know her/ think of when I met her the encounter unimpressive didn’t know that she would turn out to be greater than obsessive/ overly suggestive, practically aggressive/ v. attractive girl but her attention is excessive/ messages she’s leaving make my girl think that I’m beating and I said she’s not my girl, but she still thinks that I’m cheating.


Zuby Udezue

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