Biggest Threat [ShaoDow Ft. Zuby] (Lyrics)

INTRO [ShaoDow]:

Yo, this is ShaoDow. Now if there’s one thing I’ve been taught, it’s walk small but carry a big sword
But some of these days I swear I’m too humble
Cuz some of these music industry guys are looking down on me like I’m nothing
So just this once, let me flex some muscle, show them how dangerous I really am
DiY Gang let’s go.

VERSE 1 [ShaoDow]:

Eh Yo my 16′ are jail bait
My 24’s are cuter
My 32’s are MILFs and my 64’s are cougars
Bredder shut your mouth
Cos talking doesn’t suit ya
If you claim your drive is hard
You will get booted like computer
So Bow Sir like King Koopa
You’re louder than a scooter
But when we compare results
You’ll find my power is near super
I connect with fans like router
It comes back to me in future
‘Cos the way I stitch these words together’s sexual Karma-Sutures
Who’s the, brother that’s been up and down the country
While you’ve been kissing bum and jumping round just like a monkey
Talking fame or may be money
You have more of those it’s fine
I live completely off my music and I ain’t ever been signed
You’re the music expert right?
So why’d you ask me for advice
Because I sell much less but keep much more no ethics compromise
DiY Gang, every one of them is backing me
I got the power in my hands I’ll beat you with it battery

You may not see me sitting in the corner (corner)
Or think I’m harmless from across the border (border)
I’m building armies up so I should warn ya (warn ya)
I’ll bring the heat to you just like a sauna (sauna)

CHORUS [ShaoDow]:

I’m your biggest threat (yeah)
I’m your biggest threat (yeah)
I’m your biggest threat (yeah)
You think that you know best
But here’s what you don’t get
I’m your biggest threat.

VERSE 2 [ShaoDow]:

Skinny rap negro, Mr Bushido
Coming from below to the top of the steeple
I can wait like Kilo cos I built it from zero
So understand I need no hand outs or free throw
Just gimme reloads and stay out of my chi flow
Or you will get burned like you’re dealing with Bebo
Seems these sharks like feeding on Sheeple
F your pop chart I make art for the people
A guy like me might ruin your plans
10 thousand CDs sold with two of my hands
If the mainstream’s flowing through with demands
I’ll build a big bridge with the crew I command
Yeah, I don’t need you any more
You don’t own me fam I’m declaring war
It’s ok if you don’t clear me
Cos I’ll teach everyone one of you to fear me


BRIDGE [ShaoDow & Zuby]:

Eh Yo I’m hearing management companies are spending like 10 Grand a month on PR
For ‘pop bands’ who can’t play an instrument (no way)
Can’t sing without auto tune (what?) and can’t write their own lyrics (word?)
Just so they can sign to a record label that may not even release their music
Haha leave it. Eh Yo Zuby explain to these clowns why we’re a problem

VERSE 3 [Zuby]:

Raps on max, no rhyme flops
Black on black no Noob Saibot
Only one I (eye) but I’m no Cyclops
And I blast on wax on wax on wax
Y’all seem fake no facts on tracks
Fourteen plates that’s lats on lats
More seen prate just moving weight
Or racks on racks on racks on raaacks
So pathetic, the scene ain’t copacetic
You bought a lot of views but we sold 20 thousands records
We did it without leaning to this modern day oppression
Blue and Purple secret weapon, Shao they’re scared of our progression

You might see me posted on the corner (corner)
Or even tripping all across the borders (borders)
I’m selling music to your sons and daughters (daughters)
And signing autographs for my supporters (Porters)


‘Cos we the biggest threat (yeah)
I’m your biggest threat (yeah)
I’m your biggest threat (yeah)
You think that you know best
But here’s what you don’t get
I’m your biggest threat.


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