A Woman Like You (Lyrics)

Verse 1

Now let me take it back to three, preschool, mini-me and I’d only learned to pee but I was still a little g/ My life was a vacation there was nothing stressing me except a slight infatuation with a girl named Bethany/ This is way before boobs a couple years before the ass/ but without a fricking doubt she was the baddest in the class/ long hair, cute eyes, great smile, so fine/ I was thinking every day that I should try to make her mine/ But I didn’t have the courage and I didn’t have the game/ I thought if I said I liked her she would think that I’m a lame/ so many tears waited if she didn’t want to play it, now it’s twenty years later and I found the balls to say it/ they say that I’m a grownup but to me it’s kind of strange/ ain’t it funny how you grow up but some things just never change?/ I still get crushes and I still hate rejection but it’s only when I meet a girl deserving my affection.


(With a woman like you I don’t need to play around) There’s no need to play around (oh you’re more than just one woman, you’re blowing my mind with the love that you’re giving)

Verse 2

I was nine years old when I popped my first woody/ then six years past and I got my first goodies/ I don’t even know what happened I guess it was meant to be/ ain’t it funny how your teenage years affect you mentally?/ like my first girlfriend I would have said she was my lady I was calling her my shnoochums I was calling her my baby/ little did I know that would be the one to play me she was tonguing down my friend while I was at the mall with Jamie/ from that day alone I made a promise to myself/ I’d be happy on my own and leave the girlies on the shelf/ was certain that relationships were never worth the wealth, instrumental to my death, detrimental to my health/ until I met a girl who sort of made me change my nature/ went from friends to lovers even though we met as strangers/ made me realise that to attain it’s kind of fun but love’s a thin line with pain you gotta choose the right one.


Verse 3

Now I’m a grown ass man, more mature in conversation but I can’t explain the little boy inside me’s fascination/ with a gorgeous woman and you feel your heart is racing doesn’t mean it’s a fixation nah it’s more like admiration/ girl, you are beautiful the only explanation for that low standing ovation is my pants are celebrating/ so every time I see you it’s a little indication of the way I feel around you so no misinterpretation/ temptation’s not an issue I would never cheat, believe me/ you with the best already then it’s stupid to be greedy/ but women look too good get us in trouble with our ladies/ cuz even though we shouldn’t we just gotta look baby/ Not every girl’s a queen some of y’all are mad shady and not every man’s a dog because we chase the cat baby/ So many pretty girls very few are real maybes so it’s hard to fall in love but I can fall in lust daily, and that’s the truth.


Zuby Udezue

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